Watch the ASUS ROG OC Competition Live!

Today ASUS kicks off its first season of the 3x3 OC Summit, utilizing its line of ROG motherboards. The company invited several professional overclocking teams to start its season, and they're all familiar faces. The teams include:

Xtreme Systems
OC Alliance
Team Pure

Several members of each team, along with reps from Intel and Corsair convened in Santa Clara, CA, just several short minutes from Intel's headquarters. Motherboards from ASUS' Rampage and Maximus lines were used with Intel supplying a batch of Core i7 980X 6-core processors. OCZ supplied its line of Vertex SSDs for the competition and overall, there was more hardware than you could shake a stick at.

Liquid nitrogen is the preferred cooling medium for such an event, and there's no shortage of it here. ASUS supplied two huge tanks of it but we were told there's just enough of it not to start doing crazy things.

The competition is actually under way as of this writing and ASUS has actually set up 4 live camera feeds so you can check out the action:

Feed 1: Xtreme Systems

Feed 2: OC Alliance

Feed 3: Team Pure

Feed 4: Room

Check out some photos from the competition. Click for the gallery!

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  • in0va3
    Watching live cams right now. =)
  • teknic111
    Any mention of a release date for the Rampage III?
  • Shadow703793
    Row 2 pic most right pic: Is that a Corsair H50?!?!? I wouldn't expect it to be present at an event like this....