Rumor: Asus Water Coolable GTX 780 Ti ROG Poseidon

A while ago, Asus came out with its GTX 770 ROG Poseidon. It seems that it was a success, because as a result, Asus is sketching a new Poseidon cooler. The Poseidon graphics cards from Asus can be cooled by air as well as by liquid. By themselves, they feature enough cooling power to be cooled solely by air, though they have threads for water cooling fittings that enable you to slap some extra cooling power on them for some over-the-top overclocking.

The new Poseidon cooler is advertised to feature two 'dust-proof' fans, as well as an LED ROG logo. They are expected to first be featured on the company's GTX 780 Ti card which would also feature an extra powerful VRM circuit.

There was no word on pricing or a release date.

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