Asus Mars GTX 295 8GB SLI Runs Far Cry 2 2160p

Have the need for speed? Check out the Asus Mars GTX 295, which its maker claims to be the fastest video card on the planet at the current moment. It set the world record in 3DMark with a score of X25057 just before Computex, and now it’s basking in all its glory at the show.

Asus had these running Far Cry 2 at the show at a mind (and monitor) blowing resolution of 3840 x 2160. Put two of them together for a quad-SLI setup with 8 GB of graphics memory.

We haven’t gotten one in our labs yet, but we hope to soon. Until then, check out our GTX 295 vs. GTX 275 comparison.

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  • Clintonio
    Holy lord, that's a beast.

    Wonder how much heat it outputs...
  • Anonymous
    I love the styling on the card. Completely different to all the reference (and not so reference) cards out there at the moment.

    I also like the retro 'VHS video tape window' fan intake on the right …
  • waxdart
    Leave it on overnight to download a file and the resulting powerbill you'll get means it would have been cheaper to go buy the film :)