Asus Eee Keyboard Launching in October

We've been hopeful that the Asus Eee Keyboard would be released while we still considered it an innovative piece of kit. It's seemed like a very long wait since we first saw it at CES during January 2009, but Asus executives are now assuring the media that the Eee Keyboard will be ready for consumers starting October.

The Asus Eee Keyboard is a computer-in-a-keyboard device that looks to create its own market much like its predecessor, the Eee PC. Although probably not ideal for playing the latest PC games or rendering CGI graphics, this cool device offers portability, touchscreen technology, and a full set of keys. The Asus Eee Keyboard could be used as a controllable media center for the living room or entertainment area with its wireless HDMI output.

For a deeper look into the (prototype) hardware, check out our previous coverage.

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  • radiowars
    Looks really cool- but way out of my price range.