Asus Rebrands AMD Graphics Cards, 'Arez' For 'ROG'

Asus announced that its entire lineup of AMD graphics cards has a brand-new identity, referring to the red-team GPU series as "Arez."

The Arez branding takes the place of the familiar Republic of Gamers (ROG) moniker that adorns several subsets of graphics cards, including the Dual, Strix, Phoenix, and Expedition series. The 28 new Arez cards don’t differ from the previously available Asus offerings, as each model seems to replace an existing ROG-branded card with an AMD GPU. The company essentially slapped a new name and logo on the box.

The new branding could be a sign that Asus has joined Nvidia’s GPP program, which reportedly forces participating OEMs to align their gaming brands exclusively with GeForce. With the ROG brand seemingly reserved for Nvidia GPUs, it’s hard to argue that the new Arez cards aren’t a direct result (and loophole) of such a potential partnership. We’ve seen other companies such as Gigabyte take similar steps with newer AMD-branded graphics card products (it dropped the Aorus branding from a RX 580-powered version of its Gaming Box external graphics enclosure), but Asus took things a step further and developed a whole new identity for its AMD graphics cards.

AMD itself just announced that several AIB partners would be debuting new brands of Radeon products (seemingly responding directly to Nvidia’s GPP program), and along with Asus’s new god of war-inspired Arez brand, it does feel like a familiar battle of sorts is raging between the Green and Red teams fighting for graphics card dominance.

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