ASRock H170M Pro4S And H170M-ITX/ac Motherboard Reviews

Today, we're looking at two more H170-chipset motherboard samples, both from ASRock. Are they worthy of consideration, particularly in comparison to the H170 boards previously reviewed? We already know that this chipset is fairly robust, offering many of the features available in the top-tier Z170 chipset. But this chipset also leaves out most of the tweaking, and there is no lane splitting, so there is no SLI or (proper) Crossfire. If you're building to play or work on your PC rather than with your PC, you'll most likely find everything you need here.

Like with the previous boards, if you've decided that H170 meets your needs, there aren't too many differences, but there are a few that might matter. Here's how the features compare between today's two samples.


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  • ocer9999
    That ASRock H170M Pro4S looks ideal for a small living room budget media station, even adding a 960 would kick some games as well.
  • Mathias_6
    The ASRock H170M-ITX is supposed to be very unstable, with BSOD without Bios-Update, bad fan-control... It would be good if cheapboards especially would be tested extra for stability issues