ARM CEO Says Windows 8 Tablets Might Have Edge Over Android

One of the biggest features to come with Windows 8 is the touchscreen UI. This makes it a perfect OS for tablets, but how will it compare to the competition? According to ARM CEO Warren East, Windows 8 tablets might actually give Microsoft an edge over Android-powered slates. Speaking during an earnings call, East said that brand recognition and familiarity is the fundamental difference between Microsoft and Android tablets.

According to CNet, East's comments were made in response to an analyst who asked why Windows 8 tablets would be successful when Android tablets weren't selling all that well. East said:

"Consumers are familiar with Microsoft and very familiar with Windows and they're less familiar with an Android environment. Microsoft has an awareness advantage with consumers that the Android folks didn't have."

However, East hasn't lost faith in Android. Rather, he believes that it will just take a while before the sale of Android tablets really takes off. The CEO said that he believes it will take some time for customers to latch on to the brand, as was the case when Android smartphones first hit the market. Until then, East says it's up to Microsoft to take advantage of its brand recognition among consumers:

"It's up to Microsoft [and we'll see] how well they're going to exploit that advantage."

ARM this week announced that its fourth quarter results saw pre-tax profits increase 45 percent and sales increase more than 20 percent. The company reported profits of £69 million, or $109 million, and sales of £137.8 million, or $218.19 million. As for as the entire year, the company saw a 37 percent rise in pre-tax profits (up to £229.7 million or $363.7 million) and a 21 percent rise in sales (up to £491.8 million or $778.7 million.)

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