Archos Launches Portable Media Player To Rule Them All

Archos has begun taking orders on its rather exceptional media player, the 704, which the company will begin shipping in the middle of march. The 7" player sports 802.11b/g wireless connectivity (which allows it to surf the web on top of everything else), an 800x480 touchscreen display and a choice of 40 GB or 80 GB storage.

The player will display movies, photos, slideshows and play music and even PDF files. It can also hook up to your camera to record videos directly to the player. The usual USB and DVR hard connection points make their appearance as well as a removable battery which, Archos promises us, will give the player 5.5 hours (err, 5:30) of video playback and up to 25 hours of audio playback.

Not bad for 22 ounces (630 grams) of media player. The Archos 704 is on pre-order now and will be shipping in the middle of March. It costs $550. More details on the Archos website.

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