German AquaComputer Also Builds R9 Fury X Water Block

Although the AMD Radeon R9 Fury X features water cooling from the factory, there are still those among us who wish to water cool these cards in a custom loop. Recently, EKWB launched its EK-FC Fury X water block, and now AquaComputer from Germany is launching its own block, the Kryographics Fury X. The water block will launch in four different variants, but AquaComputer only provided the details for the plain copper version with an acrylic cover.

Because of the way the GPU on the R9 Fury X is made, cooling manufacturers have to pay extra attention to how they shape the cold contact surface. The GPU’s shape itself is flat, and so is that of the four HBM stacks, but the HBM stacks are slightly taller than the GPU. Therefore, if the section of the cold plate that covers the GPU is at the same level as that of the HBM modules, there will be a bigger gap between the GPU and cold plate than is preferable, which can significantly affect thermal performance. AquaComputer claimed that it managed to solve this problem using high-precision CNC machines with very low tolerances.

The German manufacturer also created a high-flow design, which is based on a simple concept: rather than pushing the fluid into one side of the microchannel structure over the GPU and out the other, the fluid is pushed into the middle of the microchannel from above (as you can see from the below image, where the metal plate is removed), and pushed out through both sides, effectively halving the hydraulic restriction. The fluid also flows over the card’s VRM circuitry.

AquaComputer will have a plain version of the block with a clear Plexiglas cover, and “Black Edition” blocks with dark tinted Plexiglas covers. Both of these will come in either plain copper versions, or nickel-plated. All of the blocks come with G1/4” threading, making them compatible with almost all custom liquid cooling loops.

In a forum post, an AquaComputer representative indicated that the company will also be selling a single-slot bracket to replace the dual-slot expansion slot cover that comes with the R9 Fury X from the factory, allowing you to build a true single-slot behemoth of a graphics card.

The plain versions cost €99.99 including VAT when ordered from Germany, and the nickel-plated variants have a €15 premium. U.S. pricing remains unknown, but chances are that the blocks will be available through sooner or later.

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  • Calculatron
    Mother of god.
  • Larry Litmanen
    WOW, so this watercooling can make any two slot GPU into a tiny, think single slot GPU.

    I wonder if there's an affordable way to build a closed look watercooling kit that can cool both CPU and GPU under $100.
  • jhanschu
    It would probably be a good idea to not link There is a site notification on the bottom of their home page stating as of 2-21-15 they would not be taking new orders. There has been some controversy over the past several months surrounding the company with little to no communication or changes to the website. You may want to inform them that Performance-PCs is now the major retailer in the US for watercooling gear.