Woz Calls Apple "The Good Guy" Among Large Patent Owners

 According to Wozniak, there are "certain [technology] categories that are heavily blocked off because the big companies make sure they own it all."

In an article published by Financial Review, Wozniak noted that while the patent system is presenting challenges to new companies, there is still room to invent and entrepreneurs should be encouraged to innovate. However, he recalled his own experience with patents when he designed the Apple II computer and Apple had to pay license fees to RCA for the idea that letters could be shown as pixels on a computer screen.

"We actually wound up paying them two bucks for every computer we shipped just for that simple idea," he said. "That sort of thing is going to crop up over and over – very simple ideas that the big companies with big money are going to own, and the small guy who starts up is going to have to pay."

As far as Apple is concerned, he described the company as "the good guy on the block of all of them", simply because Apple is inventing and "creating so much".

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  • mi1ez
    Don't give me that! Sure, they're not a company that exists entirely to troll the patent system, but they're hardly the good guy!