Apple and Religion Stimulate Brain in Same Way

We humans are a passionate bunch. There are some who are so passionate about something – perhaps something inanimate – that it can turn into fanboyism (or fangirlism).

One such noted variety around the tech circles is the apparent love for Apple products that some consumer faithful seem to have. It may be simple fanboyism, or it may be something deeper – so deep that it's on the same level as religion.

BBC Three's Secrets of the Superbrands program took a look at Apple's rabid following, which included the massive lineups for customers who are excited to be the first into a new Apple store location. While massive queues for a new product launch are not uncommon, Apple manages to attract its legion of customers to new store openings even when there aren't any new products or special promotions.

The Bishop of Buckingham, who totes his Bible on his iPad, explained to the show the similarities between Apple and religion.

A team of neuroscientists then observed the brain of an Apple fanatic. Amazingly, Apple stimulates the same parts of the brain that respond to religion, perhaps leading to an explanation of how some people can be so loyal (and defensive) of their personal computing choice.

The first episode of Secrets of the Superbrands aired earlier this week. Those in the UK can watch it again on the iPlayer.

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  • alikum
    LOL! We all know Jobs is god
  • joytech22
    So now there's no such thing as Jobs? (Instead of God? Get it? Argh..)
    And before anybody gets defensive, I'm religious, wow this might get flamed, not sure..
  • Gamer-girl
    I'm not religious, maybe thats why it doesn't affect me?