Is Apple Working On An Ultra HD 5K iMac?

Last week, Dell revealed that it's launching the world's first Ultra HD 5K monitor. Called the Dell UltraSharp 27, the panel will measure 27 inches and have a resolution of 5120 x 2880 (218 PPI). The panel is aimed at professionals, packing an anti-smudge, anti-reflective "edge-to-edge" screen, a color depth of 1 billion colors, a miniDisplay Port for 4K input and more.

Apple apparently isn't going to sit and let Dell take all the credit. LCD market research firm WitsView, by way of DigiTimes, reports that the fruity iPhone company plans to release a 27-inch iMac model with a 5120 x 2880 resolution. This iMac, along with a number of displays, is expected to heat up the Ultra HD market this year and into 2015.

According to the report, 28-inch Ultra HD monitors (3840 x 2160) had an average retail price of $630 as of August. Additional panel makers are expected to reveal Ultra HD solutions before the end of the year, and in various sizes. WitsView believes that most display vendors are expected to focus on 27-inch, 28-inch and 32-inch Ultra HD units.

Dell's 27-inch 5K monitor solution will arrive in 4Q 2015 and cost a hefty $2,499.99. There's speculation that the monitor will be powered by Multi-Stream Transport (MST), which combines two 2560 x 2880 panels. WitsView's report really doesn't say anything about Apple providing a similar display save for the Ultra HD 5K iMac.

If you want to go shopping for a new high-resolution display, keep in mind that Ultra HD is 3840 x 2160, Ultra HD 4K is 4096 x 2160 and Ultra HD 5K is 5120 x 2880. The naming can definitely get very confusing, especially when so many Ultra HD names are thrown into one topic.

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  • jn77
    Eh, the standards are "Standard" 480 lines, Low Def (720p), High Def (1080p), 4k, and 8k. There is also a 15k standard. what is 5k? lol Only apple.
  • Icaraeus
    They're actually 480p Standard Def, 720p High Def, 1080p Full High Def, 1440/1600/1800p Quad HD then 4k and 5k. Anything else isn't available for consumers.
  • TechyInAZ
    5k is such a high resolution for apple, that they will need to put in a very expensive GPU in their to make that display a comfortable viewing experience for movie watching and other stuff.