macOS Mojave Coming This Month

Credit: AppleCredit: Apple

Apple's macOS Mojave got a release date in a last-minute announcement at Apple's press event in Cupertino, Calif. today. The updated operating system will be available on Sept. 24.

Mojave, which is now in beta, introduces Dark Mode to macOS and will have themes for several Mac apps, including Mail, Photos and Messages. It also offers Stacks, which auto-sorts files to keep your desktop clean. Additionally, it will use some of the first apps on UIKit, with desktop versions of News, Stocks Home and Voice Memo from iOS.

macOS Mojave will work on MacBooks from 2015 or later, MacBook Air models after mid-2012, MacBook Pros from mid-2012 and later, as well as late-2012 Mac Minis and iMacs, all iMac Pros and several different versions of the Mac Pro.

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  • mihen
    Oh my, Dark Mode. How exciting. It's nostalgic like being excited for Dark Mode in 2005.
  • DGurney
    "Dark mode," how pathetic. Every other GUI has let users set up their own system-wide color schemes since the early '90s, but the vaunted Mac UI has forced dumb inverse video on every user for 30 years.

    Now they've hard-coded ONE alternative color scheme. Whoop dee doo. Windows 3.1 still kicks Apple's ass in GUI color management.
  • eye4bear
    Since MacOS is a cousin of Linux, and I have had a dark theme for a couple of years on both of my Linux computers so it is very unclear to me what took Apple so long. Actually surprised that Apple did not claim they invented Apple is actually a day late and a dollar short yet the "sheep" kept paying extra for last years tech.