Macs With Apple-Made CPUs Could Debut in 2020

Famed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that Apple's A-series processors could be coming to Macs sooner rather than later. In a note seen by 9to5Mac, he suggested that the first Macs with Apple's own processors instead of Intel's could come in 2020 or 2021. In April, Bloomberg reported that the switch to Apple's Arm-based chips would come in 2020, so this corroborates that report.

This could free Apple from Intel's processor roadmap, which could allow the Cupertino, Calif.-based company to make more frequent updates to the Mac. However, Arm-based chips are unlikely to take on Intel's highest performing chips (like the ones you find in high-end MacBook Pros and desktops), so it could move out in stages. It could also mean more profit for Apple.

Kuo's note also forecasts TSMC as the sole supplier of the A-series processors, including a predicted A13 in 2019 and A14 in 2020. Apple's rumored plans to move solely onto its own chips could be a big deal for TSMC, which could see a big windfall.

This would pose some big questions about a platform change. It wasn't long ago that Apple made the switch from PowerPC to Intel. Now, it could make developers ship versions of apps built for Arm processors. Apple's plan to bring iOS apps to macOS witih AppKit and UIKit could make it easier for some developers.

The research note also suggests that TSMC will work on Apple's long-gestating car program. Kuo suggests that TSMCs 3nm or 5nm chip processes will enable fully autonomous driving.

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  • shrapnel_indie
    Apple History: CISC, CISC, RISC, CISC, and now back to RISC.

    Apple doesn't really make anything anymore. They design it and then farm it out to be manufactured in China.
  • jimmysmitty
    So what do they plan to do for the users who want to run WINE and have a Windows VM to run x86 based applications that don't run on Mac at all?

    I guess those people will be forced to move back to PC. This will also kill gaming for Mac if Apple plans to push it across their lineup.

    I only see this for two things. Either control and profit, Apple will make way more using their own CPU design vs using Intels, or they will push this to lower end devices with higher end devices such as the Mac Pro keeping higher end Intel CPUs. I doubt the latter as it would require Apple to support two types of hardware in Mac OS and that would add complexity to the OS thus increasing potential problems and we all know how they like to support problems.

    I also wonder if they plan to do this to be able to unify iOS and Mac OS much like how Windows 10 can be on anything from a cell phone to a desktop.
  • captaincharisma
    the way apple is going i wouldn't be surprised if they kill off mac OS and make a desktop version of IOS to go with these new CPU's. after all they thought the notch was a good idea for their phones lol