QOTD: What Don't You Like About Macs?

I think it's fair to say that Apple has a hard time catering to the audience that reads Tom's Hardware. Based on some of my past articles, some things are really clear, while others are still up in the air.

A recent report by analyst said that Apple would have to reduce its price significantly, to do well in the current economy. The analyst gave a suggestion to Apple: reduce the price of its MacBook (the white one) down to $700. But, realistically, this one price reduction isn't going to make much of a huge impact for Apple during the recession. Let's look at some of Apple's prices:

- Apple Mighty Mouse Wireless: $69
- 8 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 SDRAM (2 x 4 GB) for the iMac: $1000
- 8 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 ECC SDRAM (4 x 2 GB) for the Mac Pro: $250
- 1 TB 7200-RPM SATA2 HDD: $300

I honestly think the above prices are stratospheric, insane. The 1 TB HDD for example, can be had for less than 1/3 of the price that Apple is selling it for. The 8 GB of memory for the iMac--which is Apple's mainstream system--costs a whopping $1000, five times as much as the same amount for the high-end Mac Pro. Obviously, there's the price issue here.

The question of the day is: What don't you like about Macs?

Is it the pricing?

Is it the software?

Is it the operating system?

Is it the compatibility?

Is it Mac users?

Or is it simply that it's Apple?

Explain your case.

About software: essentially now, there's hardly discrepancy between a Windows system and a Mac, because you can reboot into Windows natively. So in terms of software compatibility, both are the same. Mute point there for Apple. Also, with some recompiling of most Linux applications, you're able to run them on your Mac no problem. While Parallels and Fusion do virtualization, they're not as fast as running something native--hence Boot Camp.

Save for the actual design and some features, a Mac Pro a nicely built PC. The difference is clearly in the operating system. So it must be about workflow and the method in which you go about doing things. But even this isn't enough. And Apple's got a pretty bad rap with PC users.

But Apple's made some (limited) progress. Cutting some prices here and there. Apple's latest system, the Nehalem-based Mac Pro is quite a beast. The 8-core version is quite powerful, but it's priced at $3,299. Most PC users here will argue that they can build a very similarly equipped system for far less.

Challenge: Build your own Nehalem Mac Pro. The specs are as follows: 2 x 2.26 GHz Quad-core Nehalem-based Intel Xeon processors, 6 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 ECC memory, compatible server boar, 640 GB 7200-RPM SATA2 HDD, Nvidia GeForce GT 120 512 MB, sound card, DVD-RW drive, case, mouse and keyboard. In fact, use our store here to find prices for cheap components, or use a well known online retailer to build your PC. Try to beat Apple's pricing as far as you can. And then throw in a good operating system.

What's your final price? Post your build and price in the comments!

We all know Apple gives some heavy competition to big PC builders like Dell, and HP, and even give Microsoft good competition. So we welcome its presence in the industry. Competition is great for everyone. If you do like Apple hardware, what then would be the one major thing you would suggest Apple do differently?

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  • Devastator_uk
    This article is a bit stupid since you can't buy Nehalem-based Xeons yet
  • thepeganator
    Nehalem Xeons aren't out yet.

    Macs have a lot wrong with them:
    Over priced in the first place.
    Over priced upgrades.
    Using ECC memory when it's not needed.
    Lack of real gpu's, the 8800gt just doesn't cut it now.
    IMO they are not that nicely built and don't look terribly good (flame on people).
    The Apple image.

    The fact that apple try to limit what you can use OSX on
    Saying "we're so compatible you can use windows with us" isn't right when they restrict OSX to mac branded systems, it's unfair on other companies.
    Can you imagine the uproar that would start if MS limited use of Windows to pcs that MS built itself? That would be crazy, it's only because macs have a smaller market share that Apple get away with it.

    Why is Toms trying to defend Apple so bad?
    Been a lot of pro-mac talk recently, which is always rejected by the readers.
  • Anonymous
    Is it the pricing?
    Yes, in part at least. as the hard ware (ie gfx card) is old hat (may as well be tat), tho the limited amount of games makes a better card canna pointless. this too is a problem, as it is the only reason i use windows. (installed when i get a pang of i need to shot some thing dead / half dead or mearly not frendly to the games chariter
    Is it the software?
    The software itself seams to be clean fiendly and somewhat drab. but tends to be (even for all the drabness of it) stable. (better than what windows can do... some times.
    Is it the operating system?
    Not realy as osx dose have some thing witch i cant quite put my finger on. prityness perhaps or maybe its the lack of acturly needing to know anything about the hardware for witch you have just over payed for.
    Is it the compatibility?
    Agen kinda tho this is not on the whole apples fault. im speeking hear of gaming/lack of DX. wouldent it be so nice if you could just chose any os and use it on any computer and play what ever the hell took your fancy. (pipe dreams i fear. but with out dreams what have we.(too many os's that just dont do all that you want them to. but i digress))
    Is it Mac users?
    Well now something has hit home. and im not talking about all mac user just the ones that use it "cause its apple". they get to me. Example of a breif chat with one of those people Them: hay cheak out my new mac. ME: oh neet what one is it. THEM: oh its the new one. ME: ok looks prity what's so grate about the new one THEM: well its new ME: ok i got got that from the prefix new. ok how about this what spec is it. THEM: hmm well its got an all new (unibody)(insert latest apple sales line) ME: oh thats nice THEM: its grate ME: ok well ill see you latter THEM: but you havent even looked at it ME: i know i was hoping to avoid it, talk to you later THEM: but look its 17" bla bla bla ME:(gone)
    this of corse is not all apple-ites just the ones that talk non stop about apple/mac/ipods/steve jobs, or should i say quote apples sales lines non stop. there are people who use them for media editing and in this lies osx strenght. Ie software that works (and works well) with add on hardware/sound boards/or what ever else happens to be needed at the time.
    Or is it simply that it's Apple?
    See above.

    All in all if you have the money to buy a mac and dont inteend on working with media editing your ether easely infulinced by there sale pich or insaine or just an idiot.
    Explain your case.
    Just did. my last words (bet you thought id nevr shut up) are buy a better pc for cheeper and tell both MS and Apple (mostly apple) to go lick a tiger.