Apple Introduces 8 GB iPhone 5C in Europe and China

Yesterday word got out that Apple was considering an 8 GB version of its iPhone 5C smartphone and today the Cupertino-based company confirmed the rumors. However, if you're in the USA and are hoping to get your hands on one, you might be a bit disappointed. This phone isn't available in the United States right now.

The phone appeared on Apple's European, Chinese, and Australian websites this morning. Apple UK is selling the 8 GB iPhone unlocked for
£429, while Apple Australia is selling the phone for AU$679. This is £40 and AU$60 cheaper than the 16 GB model. The 8 GB iPhone 4S remains the cheapest, priced at $529 in Australia and £349 in the United Kingdom. Elsewhere in Europe, the iPhone 5C 8 GB is priced at €559 compared to €609 for the 16 GB model, or €406 for the 8 GB iPhone 4S. Neither the USA or Canada have the 8 GB iPhone 5C yet, and Apple hasn't said whether North America will be getting the device.

Other than storage, the specs for this model of iPhone 5C are the same as before. It's got the same 4-inch 640x1136 display, a 1.3 GHz dual core CPU, with 1 GB of LPDDR2 RAM, an 8-megapixel camera in the back, a 1.2-megapixel camera up front, and a 1510 mAh battery. The iPhone 5C was first announced last fall, and there's talk that Apple may update the device later this year.

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  • sunflier
    "This phone isn't available in the United States right now...well, maybe you might find one lying around in a San Francisco bar." /fixed
  • hannibal
    Apple phones seems to be suited to low internal memory...People don't buy apps and take photos with Apple phones. But there are also cheap Android and Windows phones with 8Gb memory, so this has to compere with those.
  • BranFlake5
    I really don't see the target market for these iPhones. Apple keeps getting lower and lower. They're practically begging for a cheaper audience. I don't think Steve would be happy that they're changing the market.Also, double the price of any other "Budget" phone. Why would you buy this?