Apacer Announces Two New Mobile-Oriented SSDs

Apacer has announced two new SSDs, both of which are built for mobile applications. The units will be called the SFD 18S6 and the A1.

The SFD 18S6 is a half-length SSD of the 2.5" format, without a case, according to the MO-297 specifications. The A1 comes in the more familiar mSATA format.

Both of the drives will come in multiple variants, with one of the differences being MLC and SLC flash. The more expensive but more reliable SLC units will feature read and write speeds of 470 MB/s, while the more affordable MLC drives will be able to read and write sequentially at speeds up to 475 MB/s and 430 MB/s, respectively. The drives also feature 40-bit ECC as well as support for DEVSLP, reducing idle power consumption.

Lastly, the units will also be available with a coating option, making them IP57 certified water and dust proof.

So far, there is no word on pricing or availability, though this looks like a product that's more likely to be seen implemented by OEMs rather than it hitting retail shelves on a standalone basis.

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