Gigabyte Launches Aorus Liquid Coolers With Programmable Pump Cover Display

Gigabyte launched its new Aorus Liquid Cooler 240, the first in a new series of closed-loop CPU cooling. Featuring two 120mm RGB fans with a maximum 2500 RPM at 39.5 decibels (each), the 272 x 121 x 27mm radiator is fed by a 80 x 80 x 60mm pump with integrated cold plate and RGB top-cover display.

Several programed patterns show the Aorus logo and system stats, though users can also program their own patterns through RGB Fusion 2.0 software. The firm hasn’t detailed the limits of the display, but does show that its patterns can be rotated to match your system’s orientation.

An aluminum housing that Gigabyte describes as both a textured extrusion and a shell connects the copper base to the pump and RGB cap. Included mounting kits use the standard Asetek design to support recent Intel desktop LGAs up to LGA 2066 and recent AMD CPU sockets up to TR4.

As this first model has already been released, we expect to find it available as soon as retailers receive their shipments. Gigabyte hasn’t detailed availability of the Liquid Cooer 240’s larger 280 (2x 140mm) and 360 (3x 120mm) variations.

Photo Credits: Gigabyte