Mysterious Aorus Superthin Gaming Laptops Teased in Leak

Aorus, a mysterious new brand for PC gaming, is set to launch at CES next week. Tom's Hardware has obtained exclusive images that further hint at what Aorus will have to offer.

The slide shows the Aorus X7 gaming laptop that measures 22.9 mm thick and weighs 2.9 kg. Inside is an Intel Core i7-4700HQ and a Nvidia GTX 7xxM series GPU with 4GB of RAM. Apparently it'll have room for an HDD instead of just being pure solid-state storage.

It's also compared favorably against other gaming laptops, with the top option looking like the Alienware 17 and the bottom option appears to be the Razer Blade Pro. We'll have to see for ourselves in Las Vegas to find out what Aorus is all about.

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  • kelfen
    hmmm... The Price?? I hope its reasonable :)
  • rad666
    174273 said:
    hmmm... The Price?? I hope its reasonable :)

    It won't be, it's a"gaming" laptop after all.
  • patrick47018
    It'd be amazing to see a decently priced, well featured gaming laptop