AOL to give away spammer loot

In its own twist on letting the punishment fit the crime, America Online is disciplining a spammer who helped the company win an antispam lawsuit by giving away a substantial stash of loot purchased with profits from his illegal business.

Calling the giveaway the AOL Spammer’s Gold Sweepstakes, which runs through Aug. 19, AOL will award nearly $100,000 in cash and gold bars, as well as a loaded 2003 Hummer H2 vehicle, to its members and others who participate in the giveaway. The prizes are part of assets recovered from Manchester, N.H.-based spammer Braden Bournival in the first lawsuit AOL filed under the federal CAN-SPAM act of 2003, according to the company. AOL also was awarded a $13 million judgment in the suit.

Read the complete story . (InfoWorld)

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