AOL moves to Second Life

New York (NY) - AOL is now heading to the world that has become crowded with corporate presence, as the online service provider has announced plans to create a virtual island in the hit PC game Second Life.

Currently in the beta registration process, AOL Pointe will be the online company’s official spot in the virtual world, which currently plays host to digital landscaping for Dell, Reuters, Sun, Adidas, Pontiac, Starwood, Toyota, and even the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, among others.

According to news reports, AOL Pointe will be a big virtual island with an extreme sports park, an amphitheater, and a specialized area codenamed "Hollywood Pop-Land." Digital media channels offered by AOL are also likely to appear somewhere in the virtual area.

The online platform is so popular among companies because of the exposure they get. Millions of people log on to the game every day. Dell has taken it a step further by actually letting users buy computers in Second Life. About one quarter of a billion dollars in real money exchanges hands over the virtual world every month.

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