Announcing New Editor-in-Chief

Spring. Time of renewal, and rebirth. Flowers, birds, bees, cats and dogs in heat. It is a glorious time. And for us, your humble servants at Tom's, it is a time of urgency. We woke from our winter slumber to the realization that the world has changed dramatically in the last year. What was a glitch is now a trend. The hardware world will never be the same as it was: a go-go land of opportunity where every micron of silicon in development promised to change the fabric of the space-time continuum.

There is now a sense of urgency on our part. We have to move with the times, and we have to make sure that we don't lose our sense of wonder, our excitement, and our belief in technology. We can't become some prissy Blog loving, iPod wearing, bunch of Jobs sycophants - like the rest of them tech journos. We are hard headed, hard minded, and hard living. We want our tech rough and ready, engaging, challenging, intellectual, open, ahead of the game, not something we'd palm off on our grandmother.

So, in a world where there are basically two CPU vendors, two graphics chip makers, five motherboard companies, and one partridge and one pear tree, we must seek new wonders, as well as working the old. We can't rely on what was and we don't want to be just about what is. We need to be like you: about what can be, what should be, what really has to be.

In order to get to where we want, we need all the help we can get and, gladly extend the hand of friendship to our newest colleague, David Strom. David has joined Tom's as its new Editor-in-Chief, charged with taking us into the 31st Century, although we don't expect him to be there to reap the rewards.

You will be glad to know that David writes fluidly and with little pretension. He has a great deal of experience and knowledge of the tech world. He comes to us as a fan of what we do, and as an enthusiast. In short, he embodies all the qualities that we would want to see in someone who will deliver the kind of reporting, reviews, and information that you expect.

We like you, and want you to be happy. Granted, you can be quirky and annoying when you get on your high horse about something, but at least you care. We want people here to care as much, if not more, about the things they write about. David is one of those people. It doesn't do any harm that David has, in his illustrious career, launched several print and Web-based publications including the Connectivity section for PC Week magazine for Ziff-Davis, and Network Computing magazine and the DesignLine series of Web sites for CMP. It's also nice to know that he was trained as an engineer at Stanford University and has worked in the bowels of IT departments for many years back in the day when that was important and cool. If you want to say hi, or just bitch about anything, not including this column, feel free to send him an email through the feedback form . We are sure he will like to hear from you.

Welcome David Strom, Editor-in-Chief.

Omid Rahmat

GM & Publisher
TG Publishing LLC