New Star Wars Games Gets Talent from Uncharted Series

Earlier this month, Naughty Dog creative director and writer Amy Hennig and game director Justin Richmond parted ways with the company and the uncharted project.

It hasn't taken Hennig very long to bounce back. Earlier today, an EA blog post revealed that Hennig was joining the EA family at Visceral Games to work on the new Star Wars game.

"Over the last few weeks, Amy and I have spent a lot of time talking about what her first project would be," writes Visceral Games Vice President and General Manager Steve Papoutsis. "There are a lot of different directions we could have gone, but I could sense that what really excited her about this opportunity (because let's face it, we weren't the only ones knocking at her door) was Star Wars. Amy's a huge fan. We happen to be making a Star Wars game. Just thinking about the possibilities made both of us even more excited about having her join the team."

Hennig also expressed excitement on her new role over Twitter: "It's a privilege to have the opportunity to contribute to the Star Wars universe, after it's had such a formative influence on my life."

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  • SirGCal
    Sorry, but if EA is involved, I will pass...
  • hannibal
    Amy Henning is real talent, so if EA gives her and the rest of the team time to do their job, we will get good products (for a long time...) But if they rush everything like they have used to do... well things are not so bright.At this moment I am hopeful. In the history EA has also produced good stuff, so it is not impossible, and now they have very talented team in their hands!
  • 10tacle
    EA is still run by profit pushers instead of visionary long term talent, so no, nothing is going to change: this game will be released unfinished, buggy, and the online servers will crap out.