Amped Wireless Updates AC1900 Routers, Packs 8 Radios

On Thursday, Amped Wireless unveiled its family of next-generation long-range AC1900 Wi-Fi products: the RTA30 high-power AC1900 router and the NEA33 high-power AC1900 Range Extender. Both are slated to arrive in mid-2014, backed by the Wi-Fi Analytics Tool for Android and Windows Phone, and "elite" customer service by Amped Concierges, a U.S.-based, in-house technical team.

"We are very excited to announce the fastest and longest range Wi-Fi router and range extender we have ever developed! Both feature the latest, high power Wi-Fi technology and are packed with high power parts to provide the best Wi-Fi experience ever offered. This means faster streaming, downloading and web browsing with all of your devices, throughout your entire home, backyard, or office," said Jason Owen, CEO of Amped Wireless.

The technical details weren't provided at the time of this writing, but the company says that the upcoming RTA30 high-power AC1900 Wi-Fi router packs eight Wi-Fi radios; four high gain, dual band antennas; and 16 high power amplifiers. The router also provides a USB 3.0 port for sharing files or a printer across the network, and five Gigabit wired ports.

For this router, Amped Wireless introduces an updated user interface and premium software features. These include guest networks, adjustable Wi-Fi coverage controls, parental security, and support for the latest Wi-Fi security.

As for the Range Extender, this device essentially grabs the router's signal and rebroadcasts it into areas where the router can't reach. The extender consists of eight Wi-Fi radios; four high gain, dual band antennas; and 16 total high power amplifiers. The REA33 also provides a USB 3.0 port for sharing, and five Gigabyte wired ports. Like the router, this device has an improved user interface and plenty of advanced and security features.

Expect to hear more details, as well as news of additional products, when we roll into CES 2014 next week.

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  • RealBeast
    Nice to see more high end AC routers, but where are the 3 antenna USB AC wireless adapters to make use of these and other high end units?
  • unempit
    Hmmm. "Gigabyte wired ports".
  • dgingeri
    "Hmmm. "Gigabyte wired ports"."

    Easy mistake to make. He's even corrected it already.