AMD's 1GHz Mobile Duron Processor

If you're in the market for an non-Intel laptop solution, you might be interested in a machine using AMD's new 1GHz mobile Duron processor, which features the company's PowerNow! power management technology. According to AMD, Compaq is immediately offering its Compaq 700 series notebooks powered by the 1GHz mobile processor. The Presario 700 can be ordered immediately from the Compaq web site , with retail availability expected in early 2002. If you're a Home Shopping Network fan, it looks like you should be able to pick one of Compaq's new Presarios jewelry . The 1GHz AMD mobile Duron processor is priced at $160 in 1,000-unit quantities. The processor also features a cache architecture with 192 kB of total on-chip cache and data pre-fetch, a 200MHz front-side bus, and a superscalar floating point unit with support for AMD's 3DNow! Professional technology. Hey, I thought that AMD was going to stop putting GHz and MHz nametags on their processors...

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