Biostar Lists X570 Racing GT8 Motherboard, Chipset Specs for AMD Ryzen 3000 Series Revealed

Credit: BiostarCredit: BiostarAMD is widely expected to release its X570 chipset, the home of its hotly-anticipated Ryzen 3000 Series processors, at Computex 2018, but Biostar jumped the gun and made what (presumably) appears to be an accidental announcement of its own.

VideoCardz spotted that Biostar posted a file (PDF) to its website with the specs of its soon-to-be-released flagship Racing X570GT8 motherboards, giving us a view of what we can expect from AMD's new flagship chipset.

Credit: BiostarCredit: BiostarThe Socket AM4 motherboard comes with a black aesthetic with silver trim and sucks power through a 24-pin ATX and two 8+4-pin EPS connectors that feed a 12-phase power delivery subsystem. The power delivery is cooled by two beefy finned heatsinks.

The board comes equipped with three PCIe slots (x16, x8, x4) and one PCIe x1 slot that, although not implicitly stated in the spec sheet, should all run at PCIe 4.0 signaling rates, marking the first arrival of the new PCIe specification on the mainstream desktop.

The motherboard supports four DDR4 sticks running at up to 4000 MHz after overclocking, which is an encouraging sign because first-gen Ryzen motherboards came with much lower memory thresholds that were later raised to accommodate improved memory capability.

The chipset is cooled via a rather large fan that might confirm rumors that the PCIe 4.0 connections consume quite a bit more power than AMD's previous-generation chipsets. The motherboard also comes equipped with three M.2 slots for storage devices, with one marked as a PCIe 4.0 x4 connection capable of 32 Gb/s of throughput, while two SATA M.2 slots run at the same speed. These slots all come with full-length heatsinks. Biostar's listing indicates all three of the M.2 sockets hang off the platform controller hub (PCH).

Other accommodations include USB 3.1 Gen 2, USB 3.1 Gen 1, and four USB 2.0 ports.

Credit: BiostarCredit: Biostar

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  • drivinfast247
    Typo in first paragraph. The release date has the wrong year. Should be 2019.

    Chipset fans making a comeback in '19!
  • CountMike
    Somehow I can't imagine Biostar as a leader but that MB looks awesome with that VRM.
  • feelinfroggy777
    It needs a fan on the chipset, not a good start for PCIe 4.0, especially if the extra bandwidth cant really be used.