AMD Vega Details Leak Ahead Of Official Launch

The long-awaited unveiling of AMD's Vega is scheduled for July 30 at the company's Capsaicin shindig, just prior to SIGGRAPH, but a few details are leaking out ahead of time. We have a few of our own sources who are telling us that there will be four different reference design models, including two versions at the top end (the XTX), a presumably lesser-resourced XT model, and then the XL at the lower end.

Thermal (Reference Design)
Board Power
ASIC Power
Vega XTX
Water Cooling
Air Cooling
Vega XT
Air Cooling285W220W
Vega XL
Air Cooling285W220W

We're told the XTX will come as either an air-cooled design with a blower fan or liquid-cooled, with the latter at 375W TDP and the former at 285W TDP. The XT and XL will both be air cooled and operate at 285W TDP. The already-shipping Vega Frontier Edition also comes in air- or liquid-cooled variants, with the air cooled version hitting 300W TDP.

All cards will come equipped with HBM2 memory, of course. The only information we are able to suss out is that the XTX will likely start out with 8GB of HBM2. The Frontier Edition uses 16GB of HBM2, or "high-bandwidth cache," as AMD has taken to calling it.

The only other aspect we've learned is that the top-end models will come with 64 compute units, much like Vega Frontier Edition, whereas the low-end XL will have 56. Of course, we weren't made privy to shader counts, texture units, cache, and other resources and efficiency enhancements. As a reminder, the Radeon RX 480 had 36 CUs, and the Radeon R9 390 had 40. Vega Frontier edition's CUs have 4,096 stream processors. We know much more about Frontier Edition's floating point performance as well, but we'll have to wait--either for more leaks or for July 30.

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  • Nomnom_136
    The High bandwidth cache controller is a feature, HBCC, they don't call the memory high bandwidth cache..why are you writing an article about something you know nothing about?
  • nitrium
    Seems a quite a high TDP - about the same as an R9 390 (which actually melted one of my Seasonic's PSU 8-pin plugs the other day). The burning question is how much faster will it be?
  • mp_4__
    How much faster than what? Previous AMD architectures? Current performance king? You need to be a liitle more specific when asking questions. We already know that Vega Frontier Edition is at the level of GTX 1080 so a watercooled Vega would be in between 1080 and 1080 Ti. The big question here must be the pricing : A 1000$ product that cannot beat another at 700 is not even worth considering, so the price of the RX Vega needs to be adjusted according to performance, otherwise will be a big flop.