AMD Expected to Reach 40% GPU Market Share in 6 Months

Recently, AMD launched its new Radeon R9 290X graphics card that has left many of us quite amazed. Following the launch, Nvidia struck back with some price drops, but that hasn't stopped analysts from coming up with a rather impressive figure. While it is known that analysts are often rather conservative about AMD's performance, there are a couple who have predicted that AMD will reach a 40 percent market share in graphics cards over the next six months.

AMD had announced that it has managed to make a net profit of $48 million over Q3 2013. This even accounts for drops in notebook-related sales and reduced GPU sales. According to the report from DigiTimes, the reason AMD managed to make a profit is due to sales from customized products and stable desktop sales.

A healthy and strong AMD is good for competition, which will only benefit the consumer.

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  • laststop311
    Their products are loud hot and noisy and 50 dollars more than the gtx 780. Who wants to put up with that for a 10% performance increase? No thanks I'll take a 500 dollar gtx 780 any day. And let's not even get into driver performance.
  • julianbautista87
    if we had this kind of competition in the processor market... I wanted to buy the i7 3770 for my pc a year and half ago, but I chose to wait for a price drop... the price not only didn-t drop, but it actually rose !!!
  • bluekoala
    AMD will catch up in the CPU segment. 2 things are bound to happen. Intel brings out a CPU that has awesome performance, or better prices for everyone. In either case, I keep supporting AMD, even if it means intel consumers and fanboys reap the rewards. Oh, and a FX-6350 is by no means a bad CPU.