28nm Trinity Successor Rumored To Debut in Q2 2013

The new APU could be released to manufacturers in sample quantities sometime in Q4 of this year and make their its way to consumers by late Q2 2013.

Fudzilla reports that the FM2-socket based Richland will be released in dual- and quad-core versions with a Radeon 8000-series DirectX 11 GPU core with up to 384 processing cores in the flagship A10 APU, and 128 cores in dual-core mainstream versions.

It is unclear whether AMD will be able to finish the design of its Steamroller CPU core for the Richland APU. While AMD is seeing quite a bit of pressure from Intel to compete with the company's 22 nm upgrade "Haswell", there appears to be internal pressure as well. Rumor has it that AMD is thinking about building impoved accelerators for web technologies such as WebCL directly into its hardware.

Steamroller could be the first APU to support this strategy.

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  • goodguy713
    the release cycles are already too long ..
  • back_by_demand
    The low end versions of these would be low enough TDP to use for nettops, but powerful enough for relatively powerful gaming. Obviously not very high end games but totally ready for an all-in-one HTPC.
  • The_Trutherizer
    goodguy713the release cycles are already too long ..

    Wut? Feels like just yesterday the first APU came out. What's the hurry these days? Nobody can afford to buy every shiny new toy anyway.