AMD preps 65 nm Turion X2 processors

Sunnyvale (CA) - AMD today announced a much needed refresh of its first-generation dual-core notebook processor.

AMD plans to showcase the 65 nm versions of its Turion X2 CPU during an event with industry partners in San Francisco today. While details about the new CPUs where largely withheld, AMD said that 65 nm units produced in Fab 36 are shipping at this time.

Customers are expected to be able to buy notebooks with 65 nm Turion X2 processor at the end of this quarter.

AMD claims to have been gaining ground on Intel in the notebook market, especially in the entry-level segment and notebooks around or below the $1000 mark. According to statements from executives in the latest two quarter conference calls, notebook CPUs is the only market in which AMD was able to increase shipments as well as sales over the past six months.

However, Intel is expected to introduce a new notebook platform within the next two weeks, which will bring faster processors as well as a more capable platform : It will include draft-n Wi-Fi, a faster front side bus (800 MHz) and flash cache technology that promises to cut down the boot time of the operating system and applications running on notebooks.

Meanwhile, AMD continues to rely on industry partners to be able to offer a complete mobile platform. Broadcom, Atheros, Marvell Qualcomm and RealTek, for example, provide a tailored wireless chipset for the Turion processor. AMD now can offer graphics chipsets through the acquisition of ATI, but Nvidia remains in place as a second chipset supplier.

Industry sources indicate that AMD is working towards a notebook platform that is comparable with Intel’s Centrino package (processor, wireless, graphics) ; this (65 nm) platform, however, is not expected to debut until 2008.

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