AMD Overclocking Returns: Phenom X3 720

Listen up Phenom X3 720 owners, the AMD Virtual Overclocking Competition is back!

With our Phenom II X4 940 winner already found, we’re ready to hit the reset button and set things up for our second winner.

The rules for this contest are nearly the same as the one we had the first time around, except that we’ve had a change in CPU choice at the request of AMD. Instead of the Phenom 9950 Black Edition, we’re now looking for the fastest, craziest Phenom X3 720 you guys can come up with.

To recap our contest details again, you need an AMD Phenom X3 720 and are a U.S. Resident (sorry international folks, but those are the rules we’ve been given), then you’re qualified to compete! First, you will need to prepare and then send us some information. When you enter, you'll automatically be emailed a copy of the requirements and rules.

For starters, we’ll have to know about the rest of your system besides just the requisite CPU. Tell us your motherboard model, memory configuration, graphics card, and any hardware and software modifications. We’ll also need to know your cooling method (e.g. air, water, liquid nitrogen, or, for the brave, liquid helium; where appropriate list any non-stock heatsink and cooling fan manufacturers and models).

We want to see what your bad ass rig looks like too. The winner will be flown out to our offices here in Los Angeles, all expenses paid for, to receive the prizes and have an opportunity to replicate or even exceed the winning overclock! Best of all, you'll get to hang out with us and AMD.

Not in the mood to go overclocking this time of year? No problem! Non-competing entries will be placed in a weekly random drawing for prizes, but if you don't compete, you can't get dibs on the grand prizes.

As for the prizes, that’s something we’re still working on with AMD, and we’ll let you know once we have things finalized. Good luck to all!


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  • paradigital
    Unfortunately, "best of media" are fucking retarded, and as a result, Tom's is now mildly retarded also.

    We won't get rid of this stupidity, we'll just have to learn to ignore it :(

  • ukctstrider
    The coverage for the uk is pretty shitty and has been for ages. Quite a lot of the articles are just ported over from the US and almost all of the rest are from the German site...
    Surely there must be some UK IT journalists who could submit articles here.
    I go elsewhere for my IT reading now, THG is only really good for the news.