Crytek Adopts AMD's Mantle API for CRYENGINE

AMD announced on Wednesday that Crytek is adding native Mantle graphics API support to the developer's latest gaming engine, CRYENGINE. Crytek now joins a number of other developers and publishers using this "closer to the metal" API including Electronic Arts (Battlefield 4), Square Enix (THIEF), Roberts Space Industries (Star Citizen), Oxide (Nitros engine) and Rebellion Developments (Sniper Elite 3).

"AMD is delighted to bring Mantle support to the enormous audience of gamers and game developers reached by Crytek's CRYENGINE," said Ritche Corpus, director of ISV gaming and alliances, AMD. "Together, AMD and Crytek are forging a path for the graphics industry that better utilizes gamers' advanced AMD GPUs through 'closer-to-the-metal' API design."

For the uninitiated, Mantle is the "harmony" of three essential ingredients: a thin driver within the AMD Catalyst software suite that lets applications speak directly to AMD's Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture; a GPU or APU based on the GCN; and an application or game engine that is written to utilize the Mantle SDK.

"Mantle reduces the CPU's workload by giving developers a way to talk to the GPU directly with much less translation," the company's website explains. "With less work for the CPU to do, programmers can squeeze much more performance from a system, delivering the greatest benefits in gaming systems where the CPU can be the bottleneck."

With the CPU freed up, developers may be able to squeeze extra performance from mid-range and older CPUs; they no longer have the same "handicap." That's good news for gamers on a strict budget.

"Crytek prides itself on enabling CRYENGINE with the latest and most impressive rendering capabilities," said Cevat Yerli, Founder, CEO & President of Crytek. "By integrating AMD's new Mantle API, CRYENGINE will gain a dimension of 'lower level' hardware access that enables extraordinary efficiency, performance and hardware control."

For more information about Mantle, check out AMD's "Four Core Principles of AMD's Mantle" article here.

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  • irish_adam
    All other developers will use this tech to help reduce CPU over head Crytek will use it to suck more from your PC.They always see it as a challenge to build an engine that cannot be played at full settings without the IT budget of Google and preferably some liquid nitrogen. (not saying thats a bad thing though, they at least push he boundaries of PC hardware rather than pandering just to the consoles)
  • firefoxx04
    "Mantle will never take off". Well look here folks. Whether mantle works for your hardware or not, it's getting adopted and it's for the better. Nothing better than free software that can help boost performance and is OPTIONAL for everyone.
  • de5_Roy
    does this mean we might see a mantle patch for crysis 3? would be nice.