AMD Flies the European Flag After Intel Fine

Most of last week's news discussing Intel or AMD, mentioned, at least in passing, Intel’s record breaking fine from the EU and it seems AMD is determined to keep on people's radars the fact that Intel got burned.

While most seem to think the flag and the corresponding message that reads, “European Commission finds Intel guilty of breaking antitrust laws, harming consumers,” is AMD’s attempt to rub salt in the wound and do a little gloating, we’re inclined to think differently.

For years, the company complained that Intel was attempting to drive it out of the market and last week, those claims were recognized and confirmed by the European Commission. AMD posting the news on its site is what we’d expect from any company. We spoke to AMD's social media strategist, Chris James (via twitter because that's where a social media strategist hangs out these days) and he said he hopes that the flag isn't widely being perceived in a negative light.

"I hope it's not widely being perceived that way," James tweeted. "But it's an important decision after a 9 year fight. EU consumers rejoice!"

That said, there’s probably tons of you who think differently and we want to know if you think the picture above is childish, or if you think it’s a natural state of progression for a ruling like this: one team gets a smack on the wrist and the opposition does its best to spread the word.

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  • aron311
    AMD has every right to celebrate, the table has just been levelled. Despite Intel's behaviour I think they have really done quite well for themselves recently, so lets hope they come up with some neat new products and get the financial rewards they deserve.
  • jennyh
    AMD is doing the right thing in every way, because the US is a backwardly mobile and increasily insular market.

    850 million EU citizens vs 350 million US, who's your money on?
  • tstebbens
    850 million EU citizens vs 350 million US, who's your money on?

    The Chinese :P