AMD and IBM partner in transition to 65 nm semiconductors

AMD, recently not too talkative when it comes to future product plans, has provided some details on its plans to transition from a 90 nm to a 65 nm production process. At the International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), the firms said that they have successfully combined embedded Silicon Germanium (e-SiGe) with Dual Stress Liner (DSL) and Stress Memorization technology (SMT) on Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) wafers.

AMD claims that the approach provides a 40 percent increase in transistor performance compared to similar chips produced without stress technology. There was no exact information on power dissipation and heat dissipation ; however, the firms said the structure can "control" both factors.

According to a statement, "the new technologies have shown ability to be manufactured at the 65nm generation and scaleable for use in future generations." While AMD declined to provide any indication when it will ship 65 nm processors, sources told TG Daily that first CPUs manufactured in the new process are expected to hit the market in the third quarter of 2006.

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