AMD to Smack Down Game Cheaters

Yesterday we reported on AMD's Fusion cloud computing system, where AMD will develop a super computer able to handle rendering, compression, and streaming of video game graphic serveside and push out to gamers on any device. The concept behind the technology is nothing short of exciting.

Naturally, delivery of that technology is something of another topic. However, one interesting side effect of AMD's Fusion concept, is that it will inherently thwart gamers from cheating. Just exactly how is this done? Simply put, gamers will be unable to use cheat hacks or software to influence game play because everything is processed and rendered server side--on the cloud.

When a gamer uses cheat tools to cheat in a game, the tool modifies memory address locations and changes values. For example, a small cheat tool can locate the memory address location where a game stores ammo data, modify the value stored there, giving the user infinite ammo. Other more sophisticated cheats like bots, will also be thwarted. Bots perform a very similar action, reading memory and feedback from the game on the local side, and responding accordingly to automate tasks such as gold farming in World of Warcraft.

Because of the way the Fusion super computer will work, all game data is processed server side, and the only thing being sent to the user is streaming video. There's no actual data value in the local system's memory, since there's no real local client. In essence, a gamer will be controlling the game through a remote-control like interface.

Could this be the end of cheaters? We think not. But, will AMD's Fusion super computer cloud be the target of endless hack attacks? Time will tell. Do you cheat in games when you play? Or do you play by the rules?

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  • Anonymous
    i play by the ruels any-way, it makes gaming seem more realistic
  • Milany
    AMD is not following the Game trends on this one. Gamers want to modify there games this will put an end to that as well. Games that can be modified are popular among gamers. It allows gamers to put a pies of them selves in the game world, this is called self expression.
  • david__t
    This is almost as far fetched as Virtual Reality was back in the early 90s. We simply don't have the network bandwidth & speed to pull this off. OK there are places such as Korea who have built up a very fast network connection using fibre optics from scratch to give most places 8MB, but in the UK most people still get access through copper wires and 256k / 512k are the common speeds. Plus the raw power that a server would need to render games like Far Cry and still produce super fast reaction times & pings is unrealistic with current technology. This is a typical case of jumping on the new "Cloud" bandwagon early to make sure you have a piece of the pie. Mind you when your CPU business is failing I suppose you have to find new revenue streams...