AMD Answers FreeSync Questions in New FAQ

AMD has posted a new FAQ section on its website. Normally, we would consider that completely unremarkable. However, this section is about Project FreeSync, so it might actually be the first FAQ about it you ever read.

AMD's Project FreeSync is the company's effort to use DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync, which is now an industry standard, to deliver dynamic refresh rates. The idea behind it is to compete with G-Sync, except AMD intends for the standard to be present on all graphics cards, including Nvidia's. Whether that will happen remains unknown, but it is what AMD wants, and it is certainly what would be best for us as consumers.

One of the problems with Project FreeSync, though, is that it has been difficult to get exact answers on a number of questions. This makes the FAQ particularly interesting, and if you're not fully informed about Project FreeSync yet, it might be worth a read.

We also interviewed an AMD spokesman a few weeks back to get some answers about FreeSync.

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