AMD Announces Beefy W9100 Workstation Graphics Card

AMD has announced its new professional workstation class graphics card – the FirePro W9100. At this time, the company has not yet revealed all of the juicy details that most of us will want to know, but it is teasing some very impressive performance. In fact, if the numbers are correct, this could be the fastest workstation class graphics card setup money can buy.

Details that the company did reveal include that the card will feature a rather staggering 16 GB of GDDR5 memory, which will have a bandwidth of about 320 GB/s. With regards to performance, the red team boasts over 5 teraFLOPS of compute performance, along with over 2 teraFLOPS of double precision compute performance.

"AMD FirePro W9100 ensures users can enjoy real-time video, enabling productivity throughout their workflow through superior OpenCL thanks to AMD GCN Architecture."

The graphics card is also intended to be used in tandem with more copies of itself while still having performance scale well, allowing artists to install up to four W9100 graphics cards for the ultimate 4K experience.

Further details have yet to become available, but as always, we'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, Nvidia at GTC unveiled the GTX Titan Z, a Dual GK110 Makes 5,760 Core Monster.

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  • shovenose2
    Coins? :)
  • Zeh
    Workstation cards cost more than desktop-oriented cards. Miners won't want it.
  • Cryio
    Workstation cards cost more than desktop-oriented cards. Miners won't want it.
    Yes, but at the same time they are significantly faster. But most people will keep buy the 290s, that is true.