System Builder Marathon, Sept. '09: $1,250 Enthusiast Build

Application Benchmarks: 2D And 3D Graphics

While the Phenom II's overclock gives it a 15% speed increase over stock clock rates, it's not enough to catch the i7's advantage thanks to Hyper-Threading in this application. The overclocked i7-920 performs about 70% faster than the stock Phenom II X4 945.

We didn't use the Photoshop benchmark in our last SBM, so here we can see the overclocked Phenom II showing a nice 22% performance increase over the stock speed.

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  • mi1ez
    And remember, these systems are all being given away at the end of the marathon. Keep an eye on this space; this is where we'll post the link to enter the contest for all three systems once the series concludes!

    And remember folks, this competition is NOT open to UK residents!
  • rickbmb
    Nice !
    Interesting choice going with 4 cards, i wonder how much difference you would get with 2 x 4890, i bet it'd be real close to the 4 x 4850.
  • jimishtar
    four cards is simply stoopid. i mean, its 4850, who needs four of them??
  • broken_sticks
    if i won that machine, i'd swiftly put two of those GPUs to better use...
  • devilxc
    I assume the price for the intel computer was what it was in April and not now? If that is the case; the intel computer is cheaper, better at everything excluding gaming, about the same at gaming and cheaper to upgrade (2 cards instead of 4).

    Just a thought.