Breaking: AMD's Computex 2018 Press Conference

We're here for AMD's Computex 2018 press conference. The company is expected to release its Threadripper 2 models that could reach up to 24- or 32-cores, but it hasn't prebriefed press in the typical fashion. As such, we'll be learning the specifics along with you during this live coverage. Refresh your browser for updates.

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  • Lucky_SLS
    7nm Vega is sampling heavily, shipping this year. AMD is bringing 7nm GPUs to gaming, too. Su help up the 7nm GPU die.

    -> help up the 7nm GPU die?
  • bobwya
    "AMD completed a Bender run ..."

    Must be drinking a few beevies... Celebrating Intel's demise!!
  • ElectrO_90
    I agree, must be a little inebriated...
    "AMD resented the world's first 7nm GPU demo"
    Not good for AMD to resent things....