Watch AMD's CES 2019 Keynote Live Here

AMD CEO Lisa Su is slated to take the stage on Wednesday, January 9 at 9 am PT to tell us more about the company's journey into the 7nm era. You can watch the event unfold live in the embedded video below. We'll also be in the crowd covering the keynote live as it happens, so be sure to check our ongoing coverage for deeper analysis.

AMD CES 2019 Keynote

AMD already announced its second-gen Ryzen 3000-series Picasso APUs earlier this week, notching a solid move forward in the challenging mobility market, but expectations are high as rumors proliferate that the company could announce its new Ryzen 3000-series processors and perhaps even new GPUs for the desktop PC. AMD also recently teased its new line of 7nm 64-core Epyc Rome data center chips, so we it's possible we could hear more announcements about the company's bold new take on chip design.

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  • nadhir.brighet
    The most important conference in CES for me, only AMD can bring some relief from the ridiculous practices of Intel and especially nVidia with their stupidly overpriced underpowered you should buy it Turing cards.
  • nathandrake9
    Yeah, but are you going to buy AMD, Nadhir? Or just profit from cheaper Intel/NVidia tech?
  • barryv88
    Doomsday for Intel