AMD Buys HyperTransport Test System

Schlumberger Semiconductor Solutions let us know on Friday that AMD has purchased the company's ITS9000ZX system, which will be used to test the HyperTransport I/O Link data bus technology. Schlumberger says the test system is expected to help speed development of AMD's 64-bit Hammer processors that use HyperTransport. The ITS9000ZX offers a 1.6Gbps data rate, differential pin electronics, integrated source synchronous timing, and configuration flexibility. More than 180 companies throughout the computer and communications industries are currently working with the HyperTransport technology. On Tuesday, AMD, API NetWorks, Apple, Cisco Systems, NVIDIA, PMC-Sierra, Sun Microsystems, and Transmeta announced the formation of the HyperTransport Technology Consortium, which will manage and drive specifications related to the technology. HyperTransport is a point-to-point link for integrated circuits, developed to let the chips inside computing devices, networking, and communications devices talk with each other faster than with existing technologies. Tom talked about HyperTransport back in June when looking at NVIDIA's nForce. You can also take a look at the Consortium's website for more info on how it all works.

Understanding that folks tend to religiously embrace either Intel's 3GI0 or AMD's HyperTransport (you could probably throw in PCI-X and InfiniBand for that matter), I should also point you in the direction of an article, which starts out saying that the PCI SIG is set to formally adopt Intel's 3GIO proposal and was supposed to vote on the issue on Friday. We haven't heard the results of any voting yet, so that part of the story seems premature. The article goes on to say that 3GIO and HyperTransport may even be complementary standards that address different time frames. As far as I'm concerned, no one seems to have all the answers.

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