AMD Unveils ATI Eyefinity Six Monitor Output

Anyone who has worked in a multi-monitor environment will tell you that the more displays the merrier things are. Sure, having two or even three monitors on a desktop isn't unheard of – but what about six? That's what AMD is introducing today with the ATI Eyefinity.

Eyefinity will be a feature of the upcoming Radeon family of DirectX 11 enabled graphics processors, which will give PCs the ability to seamlessly connect up to six ultra high definition displays in a variety of portrait and landscape configurations – all with a single graphics card.

AMD boasts that the Eyefinity is able to combine so many displays that it'll be able to produce a resolution that approaches "eye-definition optical clarity" at 12 times 1080p high-definition. With a combined theoretical resolution of 268 megapixels, AMD says that it is roughly equivalent to the resolution of a 90 degree arc of what the human eye sees.

While we'll most definitely be able to organize our work spaces better with six full desktops, the question on all our minds is, "Will it run Crysis?" Actually, Crytek is working on it.

"Through the seamless multi-display ATI Eyefinity technology, and the raw compute power packed into the latest ATI Radeon graphics processors, Crytek has an incredible new canvas on which to present our latest PC games in ways that consumers have never experienced before," said Cervat Yerli, CEO and president of Crytek.

While six-monitor gaming will definitely be a part of the ATI Eyefinity (at least for those who end up with a full setup), but to make things even more impressive, AMD showed off at its media event four cards in a single system that was able to compose a full flight-sim image using 24 LCD monitors. Impressive, indeed.

ATI Radeon GPUs with Eyefinity will work with early all of your existing monitors, but those who wish to tile their desktops across multiple monitors with the utmost of style will want matching sets with the thinnest bezels. AMD said that it is working with Samsung Electronics to introduce ultra-thin bezel monitors and compatible stands that can easily be tiled specifically for the ATI Eyefinity experience.

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  • Anonymous
    Ok this is seriously cool, Nvidia eat your heart out, and this confirms the look of all the other snaps of 5xxx are correct as they are the same as the card shown in the firsr picture, I love it :)
  • jrtolson
    these articles should be spell checked lol...
  • Anonymous
    I just jizzed in my pants...