Tom's Hardware's AMA With AMD, In Its Entirety

After being live for a full 24 hours, the AMD Radeon “Ask Me Anything” has officially concluded!

Major kudos to the AMD representatives who took the time out of their schedule to come and answer all the great questions our community had for them.We know this was a bit of work on their end, and we and our users are deeply appreciative of the time taken to engage with the community here at Tom’s Hardware.

For answering questions, our gratitude goes out to Robert “Thracks” Hallock for responding to users and relaying the answers of his team at AMD.An epic thanks to the AMD team for helping put this together on their end and securing the time and info required to make this happen. We're grateful for all the great answers, and our community really appreciated this opportunity to engage with you.Check out the full thread here.

Tom’s Hardware Ask Me Anything – AMD Radeon

A digest of the responses:

Q. What is the rationale for AMD using stock cooling solutions on enthusiast cards at launch when more robust and effective cooling solutions have been demonstrated by your partners and other 3rd parties resulting in superior acoustics, better heat dissipation, and potentially higher benchmarks?

A. Using a 100% reference design at launch ensures that AMD can control every facet of the initial production. It minimizes the number of variables that can "go wrong."

Q. Will Mantle support all GCN GPUs, including the low-end ones such as the HD 7730 and HD 7750?

A. Anything with Graphics Core Next. Anything!

Q. With Kavari being the 3rd generation APU from AMD, what are the major improvements that we will see? How potentially disruptive is this technology to the historic relationship of CPU/GPU and system resources in a desktop environment and how does AMD plan to leverage this potential disruption into higher market share since Nvidia and Intel don't fully compete in this APU space?

A. I can't say much on our next-generation APUs, as today's AMA team is from the Radeon side of the business. But what I can say is that your question will be answered in its entirety on November 11-13 at the AMD Developer Conference in San Jose.

Q. Why did you end the HD 7750?

A. The HD 7750 is still shipping in the market for precisely the reason you've identified. Its performance falls between that of the R7 250 and the R7 260X.

Q. My question is about changing from one Radeon card to another new Radeon card. I have gotten different descriptions of the steps to go through as far as removing old software or not, with many instructions assume starting with a new install.  Can you recommend some steps?

A.  With Windows 7, this is the procedure I have always followed in one form or another: 1) Fully uninstall the driver with the AMD Catalyst uninstaller tool found here ( 2) Reboot your PC! 3) Install the new driver. Reboot your PC! 4) Done!  I've never had a problem following this approach.

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