Report: Amazon in Talks to Use Tube Stations for Package Collection

You know how it goes. You're certain your Amazon package won't arrive today. It will come tomorrow, because you've taken the day off specifically so you can be at home to receive it from the postman. Of course, you get home that evening and the notice is there. They attempted to deliver your package today and now you have to traipse down to the post office to get it. If only you'd known on the way home, you could have stopped off and picked it up. Now the post office is closed. Great.

This little inconvenience could soon become a thing of the past for Londoners, though. Amazon is apparently looking into letting folks pick up their parcels at Tube stations. Engadget points to a Financial Times report that says Amazon is in talks with Tube officials to use use disused ticket offices as pickup points for packages. There’s no confirmation yet, but with plans to shut down manned ticket offices across the Underground network by 2015, it certainly would put the space to good use.

Amazon last summer announced a collaboration with courier company Collect+ that saw a total of 5,000 corner shops become pick up points for packages. Customers cab also use Collect+ to return unwanted items. The scheme is designed to offer people a convenient way to collect parcels while also driving traffic for the participating shops.

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