Amazon Takes Shots at iPad Air in New Kindle Commercial

We've already seen Microsoft make fun of Apple's Siri in its commercials, and now it looks like Amazon is taking aim at another Apple personality: Sir Jony Ive. Amazon's latest commercial for its Kindle Fire tablet compares the 8.9-inch slate to Apple's own iPad Air. The commercial features a British narrator that sounds like Jony Ive and sings the praises of Apple's newest iPad. This person is challenged by an American narrator that points out the Kindle Fire's lighter weight, higher pixel count, and lower price. Not as in your face as Apple's 'I'm a Mac' campaign, but not subtle either. Check out the commercial for yourself below:

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  • oxiide
    In my experience, the Kindle [Fire?] is primarily an ad-delivery platform that is locked down to the point where it even makes Apple's walled garden look greener. It doesn't even allow access to the ordinary Google Play store. Never have I seen a warranty begging so hard to be voided.
  • ethanolson
    I've had a couple of iPads but I like the Android devices better. I have a nice vanilla Android tablet. However, my wife will be getting a new Fire HDX without ads.
  • vpoko
    I'm waiting until the Fire HDX has been rooted (which has apparently been done but not yet packaged into a turnkey solution) and *then* buying it. It's a great device, but being locked down makes it a nonstarter.