Alphacool Eissturm Hurricane Copper 45 Review: Rockin’ Like a Hurricane

Testing Results & Conclusion

Comparison Coolers

Maintaining a database of cooling results allows us to create cooler matchups based on thermal load and noise-level testing on our Intel Core i7-5930K CPU clocked to 4.2Ghz and 1.20 vCore on our MSI X99S XPower AC motherboard nestled within a Corsair Graphite 760T chassis. We compared the Eissturm Hurricane against the EKWB RGB 240 kit, the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R RGB and our bespoke Intel cooling loop.

PumpSwiftech MCP50X
CPU BlockEK-Supremacy EVO Nickel (Intel)
ReservoirSwiftech MCP35X/MCP50X rev.2B Acrylic
FittingsBitspower Matte Black 0.5-inch ID x 0.75-inch OD Compression (x6)
RadiatorXSPC EX360
FansScythe Ultra Kaze 3000 RPM 120mm (x3)
Tubing0.5-inch ID x 0.75-inch OD clear
CoolantDistilled Water, no additives, coolants or dyes

Testing Results

In a thermal load showdown separated by less than 2 degrees Celsius, the Eissturm Hurricane kit slid to the back of the group in a narrow margin across a quad-cooler matchup. Also noteworthy, the slightly higher motherboard power delivery temps are likely due to the triple 140mm radiator fans sitting outside the case, rather than directly above the voltage regulator heat sink.

Those large 140mm Alphacool Eiswind spin much slower than the smaller, 120mm fans on the other cooling solutions, but they have a lot of work to do, moving air through the larger NexXxos 45 radiator.  While pump RPM is relatively similar across the Alphacool, the Intel custom loop and RGB 240, it had little bearing on relevant performance since each uses a different pump model.

Having the slowest moving fans typically results in the lowest registered noise levels, but when you have three large, fans spanning 140mm, you’re apt to cause enough turbulence to take notice. While our chart might seem to amplify the noise values of each, all are relatively normal in terms of decibel level readings.

Our acoustic efficiency chart provides comparisons of thermal load performance against recorded noise levels produced. Since the values recorded amongst the comparison group in the load temperature sets were very close, as well as the noise level numbers, minor differences caused greater offsets in the above graph. Being able to cool well while also remaining quiet earns you gold stars here.

Watercooling and liquid cooling in general is rarely a hobbyist venture one would consider frugal. That being said, each of our full watercooling solutions more than doubles the price of the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R RGB cooler, with the Eissturm Hurricane Copper 45 3x 140 kit being the most budget-friendly at $326, which is still somewhat of an extraordinary bargain considering what you get. 

If you were to purchase all components of the Alphacool kit separately, the overall cost would be significantly higher. The radiator and pump/reservoir combo total over $225 if purchased individually.  And you’d still be missing the CPU block, all 10 of the fittings, coolant, quick disconnect, tubing and three of the 140mm fans. As such, kit adds up to good financial sense (in a roundabout way). If you are going to buy custom watercooling components, why not do it all at once with a single click?

Thermal imaging from our FLIR ONE Pro camera shows very even thermal dissipation from the radiator at both 50 percent and 100 percent fan speeds. Some heat soak is obvious at slower fan speeds, especially in the reservoir, tubing and the end tanks of the NexXxos 45 copper radiator. An intelligent fan curve for the radiator fans would be a wise configuration while leaving the VPP775 manual pump setting alone.

With an enormous 3x 140mm radiator, this kit allows for enough thermal expansion of the loop to include a graphics card waterblock (or even two), if desired. By using industry standard G1/4 threaded fittings for all components, the cooling loop almost begs you to add more components to the party. A radiator of this size and potential allows for this kind of load because of the quality design and engineering that went into building it. A pump of this pedigree pushes coolant like few others are capable. Quality-milled components and attention to detail are seen on each and every piece within the kit.

For anyone looking for a complete, high-quality watercooling kit in a single box, this Alphacool Eissturm Hurricane Copper 45 kit is an excellent choice for those with room in their chassis for the monstrous 3x 140mm radiator and large pump/reservoir combo. 

Worth it?  Very much so.

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