Alkeron Launches Class-E 211 Mini-ITX HTPC Enclosure

Alkeron is releasing its Class-E (Are we supposed to read this as 'classy'?) 211 Mini-ITX enclosure, which is built to be ideal as a thin and compact HTPC enclosure.

The case can house up to Mini-ITX size motherboards, along with a single 3.5" or 2.5" drive. Built into the case is a 65 W power supply, which should be enough to power the hardware in the case. It is built to be cooled fanlessly, though there is a spot for an optional 40 mm fan in the rear.

Also built into the case is a USB connected Infrared Receiver, meaning that you can use various remote controls to, well, control it.

The case should already be available at select e-tailers and will be arriving to retailers starting in 2014. Its MSRP price is set at $179.

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  • brandonjclark
    $179? Ahahaha! For far to long these HTPac case manufacturers have been ripping us off. I'd never pay that ASTRONOMICAL price for what amounts to an IR receiver, cruddy PS and no more than $3-$5 dollars in metal. It might look good, but you'd be avfool to buy into this consumer racket.
  • clonazepam
    ^^ Yeah, I'm not seeing the value.
  • Darkk
    "Suggested Retail Price" is $179 probably will see around $99 on the street.