After the Mypal A600 PDA: Does Asus' Mypal A620 Represent a Worthy Encore?


With the Mypal A620, Asus has pulled off a trick that at first glance seems impossible. It has produced a good-looking PDA that is more powerful than the model it replaces, yet manages to carry a substantially lower price tag.

It is true that the Mypal A620 is not quite so handy as some of the PDAs against which it competes, and it lacks the smart metal case of its predecessor. Nevertheless, Asus has included features in the Mypal A620 that the competition cannot match. First, you can alter the performance and power consumption of the CPU via the "Asus Settings". And second, Asus has taken the matter of data security seriously by including two user-friendly backup tools, Asus Backup and Asus Smartkeeper.

As well as a turning in a very impressive CPU performance, the Mypal A620 features a very powerful graphics subsystem. You could, if you were so inclined, turn this PDA into a Gameboy. As far as battery life goes, the Mypal A620 - under normal operating conditions - doesn't set any records. With a continuous battery life of five and a half hours, it is still up there with the good Pocket PCs.

If you are disappointed by the lack of Bluetooth and WLAN in this model's standard specification, you will be glad to hear that there are optional CF modules available to provide these functions. You can also expand the PDA's functionality with camera, GPRS or radio modules. On the whole, we find the modular principle a good one, but are seriously disappointed to see a price tag of USD 100 for a BT module.

In sum., the Mypal A620 may not represent a quantum leap forward, but it is a worthy successor to the A600.

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