Single-Slot Graphics: Whose Card Is Fastest?


ECS’ entry into today’s comparison is an obvious value play. Unfortunately, we can’t find this specific model on the U.S. market. The –F version is available at the same frequencies—but with a different GPU cooler—for around $70.

The GT 440 is tiny compared to more conventional enthusiast cards, though it surely has better gaming credibility than some of the integrated solutions that try to pass as 3D-capable. Our own Don Woligroski places it nine hierarchy levels higher than Intel’s greatly-improved HD Graphics 3000 in Best Graphics Cards For The Money: May 2011.

Low-cost cards don’t support SLI, but this one does include 1 GB of GDDR5-3200. It’s also clocked at an impressive-sounding 810 MHz GPU, though both frequencies are par for the course given other GeForce GT 440s.

A true miser’s product, the ECS NGT440-1GQI-F1 includes nothing more than a driver CD. Then again, with VGA, DVI, and HDMI onboard, does it actually need anything else?

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  • infernox_01
    'Even more significantly, Afox is able to get its Radeon HD 6850 within the power confines of a PCIe x16 slot without any alteration to AMD’s reference 775 MHz GPU and GDDR5-4000 frequencies. That means the card is likely rated for the same 151 W maximum power limit as the dual-slot version. '

    HD6850 has a 127w maximum power limit. the HD6870 has the 151w maximum power limit.
  • bobdozer
    I don't think you can deny the 6850 a best of toms award because Galaxy didn't send you a 460. That doesn't seem very fair, and how many 460's do you think are left now anyway? Maybe that's why they didn't get back to you because the card is EOL for a long time?
  • HEXiT
    im just glad they didnt recommend powercolour as there rma and customer service suck the big 1. really for a newcomer/innovator they have done nothing other than offer cheap cards.
    unlike other companies that are new to the scene, they dont actually care what happens after the sale and customer satisfaction.
    a 1 year warranty is nothing when you think about it. most card manufacturers will offer 3 for the same models for as little as an extra $5 and be willing to back it up with an easy to use rma service. they wont just point you to some random site you have never heard off and will never get a reply from.
    nah if you have to buy a cheaper card go elsewhere...
  • david__t
    These cards are of such a limited appeal - even single slot cards like these only run best with the slot next to them empty. Also, most motherboards leave blank slots next to the main PCIe slot. Very small cases are the main use for these cards, and such PCs are rarely built for supreme gaming performance.
    Things seem to have gone backwards, because back in the day when the 3870 was king, Sapphire had a Toxic Edition which was single slot and full speed as well.
  • Anonymous
    why wasnt the xfx 5770 single slot reviewed? Its class and beats these 3 hands down!
  • Rab1d-BDGR
    Well ,good to see you guys dusting off Crysis for another outing as a benchmark. I would be interested to see how it runs on today's top-end GPUs too...

    If you're determined to fit your GPU into one slot then rather than limiting yourself to these models, wouldn't a more elegant solution be to remove the heatsink and fan which is taking up all that space on most GPUs? There seem to be a few water-block and closed-loop liquid cooling solutions out there which could solve heat, space and noise issues all at once.
  • Stiffex
    I totally agree with the Hexit dude, just because they dont turn up they get a by into the next round, i think you should give the award to the best you tested, ppl trust Toms recommendations & generally check here for advice & info on latest quality/performance stats. Eventually the GTX will realize that its missing out by not being included and will learn a valuable lesson, so if they dont include themselves after being given ample opportunity then Tom should proceed as though they dont exist and not deviate from his objectives.