Adobe releases public beta of Soundbooth audio editing program - gallery

Adobe has released a public beta of their upcoming Soundbooth audio editing program. You can think of it as Photoshop for your sound and music files. Soundbooth allows users to remove noise, clicks and pops and low-frequency rumble from audio files. It can also add voice-overs and has some rudimentary music production tools.

Click here for Soundbooth screenshots...

The Soundbooth beta is a 59 MB download and is available for both Macintosh and Windows computers. You can download the beta here. After downloading the beta, you can download three music packages containing a composition file (similar to a midi file) and dozens of WAV files. Each package is an extra 100 MB download.

Finished files can be exported in WAV format. Adobe representatives said MP3 and AAC export isn’t supported in the beta, but will be added when the final product ships. MP3 support wasn’t added for the beta because of royalty issues.

Web video artists working with Flash and other video formats will like some of Soundbooth’s features. The program previews video in a separate panel and allows the user to add effects or voices in sync with what is happening on the screen.

Adobe already sells Audition for audio processing and plans on marketing Soundbooth as a basic audio editor to be included with the Adobe Production Studio package. Audition will be marketed towards high-end audio professionals, like those working in broadcast radio.

Moving forward, Adobe plans to continue to develop Adobe Audition as a standalone product for audio professionals working in markets such as broadcast radio. Adobe plans to offer Soundbooth in place of Adobe Audition as the audio component in its integrated video solution, Adobe Production Studio.

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